Are You a Piggy-back Parent?

Parenting is not for sissies.

I just finished wading through a parenting decision that threatened my peace. It was a confusing time and though friends offered great advice, I lacked clarity in determining the next step. With each passing day, the need to make a decision loomed and my anxiety increased. My moods swung, my muscles tensed, and my sleep was interrupted.stress

One morning, as I brought my anxious feelings to God, He allowed me to see a snapshot of myself. It wasn’t pretty. I looked like a busy, fretful mess. Immediately I knew that my worry and need to control were getting in the way and robbing me of His peace. I took time to name my feelings, agreeing with Him about my anxiety and fear. I laid down my decision, surrendering the process to my gracious Father.

A few tissues later, another mental snapshot came. This time, God motioned me to stand behind Him. As soon as I did He lifted me onto his back and I grabbed on like a little girl hanging onto her dad piggy-back & girl silouhette

I rested my head on my Almighty, All-knowing Heavenly Father’s shoulders and the spiritual atmosphere around me shifted. My anxiety left. Next, I glimpsed the last and final image. I got to see what—or rather whom—was in front of God. Our child was standing closely in front of the Father. Both of His strong hands were resting on our son’s shoulders. Perfect peace enfolded me.

Since that morning, I’m often reminded that it’s not my job, or my husband’s, to control our children’s lives. It’s God’s. He’s got them. My job is to hold onto God, and even my ability to hold on is accomplished through the grace of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Are you a piggy-back parent? We can toss pebbles of fear that ripple the waters of our households with disorder and unrest or we can choose to release our emotions to the One who calms the raging seas of our hearts and minds. Piggy-back parents grab onto God during the storms, rather than fearfully attempting to micromanage their circumstances.

Earlier this week, we reached a decision. I have peace. And because God is a cherry-on-top-of the-ice-cream-sundae kind of Father, He left me a gift in my e-mail inbox yesterday:

piggyback“About Benjamin he said: ‘Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, for He shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rests between his shoulders’” Deuteronomy 33:12.

What God revealed in mental snapshots during my prayer time, He confirmed in His word. Because He’s just that good.

Do you struggle with fear and control as a parent? Join the conversation below by sharing how you throw pebbles that ripple peace into your homes.

8 thoughts on “Are You a Piggy-back Parent?

  1. Maresa! I love your insight here. I find myself struggling with control issues now that I never had before. Since Bills death I tell myself that it’s a defense mechanism meant to shield me from unexpected and completely undesirable surprises. But that’s a lie that the enemy would like me to believe. I am trying to surrender that control back to God, it’s hard. When I can actually do it – surrender – the peace far outweighs the anxiety and fear! We give up so much more by allowing the enemy to steal our joy with his lies than to submit and surrender to Gods perfect plan. I love the mental image of climbing onto our Heavenly Fathers back and holding on ❤

    • Marie, I can’t imagine the journey you’re walking but i do know that control never bears fruit. Surrender does. God makes such amazing trades with us- we give Him fear and He offers us peace. What a trade agreement, huh?! I’m so grateful you commented. Thank you for sharing. Praying for you and your boys. God bless you.

  2. So often I like to control all I can, especially with my children whether they are those who are mine biologically or those who have been placed in my can. In fact, on more than one occasion I’ve said, “I don’t know why my kids don’t do as I tell them to. Just because they are in their 20s and on their own should not be a reason”. I love the imagery you use here, the idea that God is standing in front of our children and it is HIS job to take care of them.

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